Bergan Visual / Manual Gauging System

Bergan Visual/Manual Gauging System

  • Uses intense coloring or visual reference
  • Is accurate, based on tank dimensions
  • Meets CFR visual requirements
  • Visual gauge tree is built for the life of the vessel
  • Requires no maintenance
Bergan Visual/Manual Gauging Panel

System Details

Level Gauging
  • Tank Barges
  • Ocean Tank Barges
  • Tank Ships
  • Offshore Vessels

Bergan Visual/Manual Gauging System

The visual/manual gauging method is the simplest application you can install on tanks, not requiring cable runs. This is normally through a GuardLevel® Sight Glass and gauge tree. The sight glasses are mounted on the top of the tank dome. Below the sight glass is a Visual Gauge Tree.

The gauge tree has level flags (innage/ullage) at 6” increments annotating a level measurement. The sight glass has a hinged lid that the user opens to view through the glass the level of product in the tank. As the level rises it reaches a gauge tree flag and indicates product level.

Another visual/manual method is a rising gauge stick or the GuardLevel® MDS (Magnetically Coupled Dip Stick).

This float-based unit has a float attached to a 1” pipe. Inside the pipe is a tri-colored wand, usually one meter in length. Attached at the bottom of the wand is a magnet. The top of the unit has a screw cap. The user removes the screw cap allowing the wand to rise with the magnet for a visual indication when the cargo is 1 meter or less from the top of the tank.

The top of the wand is colored Green indicating all well; the middle is Yellow indicating a warning that cargo is nearing overfill status; the bottom is Red indicating a possible overfill condition. Once the load is complete, the user disengages wand with float and lowers wand into unit, and screws cap back on.