Guard Level® Twin-2A

High Level and Overfill (HH) Alarm Sensors

High Level and Overfill (HH) Alarm Sensor

Guard Level® 07324 High Level and Overfill (HH) Alarm Sensors

Feature and Benefits:

The Twin 2A provides the vessel two alarm points to assist Tankerman in loading the barge. The alarms are independent of each other and indicate high (95%) level is attained, and overfill (98%) level indicating overfill conditions exist. This is the most important single contributor to clean waterways and safe loading conditions.

This unit protects lives and the environment. Considered a “simple apparatus,” it is designed to be located in the hazardous area protected by Intrinsically Safe (IS) barriers on a Guard Level® Deck Alarm Cabinet or a shore terminal IS approved cabinet.

Display: Audible and visual alarms are displayed on Guard Level® Deck Alarm Cabinet or shore terminal alarm/shutdown cabinet.

High Level indicated visually, with a flashing amber strobe light and intermittent tone horn, Overfill is indicated visually with a red flashing strobe light and static horn.

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Detailed Product Information

Main Specifications

Measuring Method
  • Float Based Alarm Sensor
Sensor Type
  • NC (Normally Closed) reed switch
  • AISI 304L Stainless Steel, Flange 8# ANSI, 150# bolt pattern 7/8 DIA on 11¾ bolt circle; floats are 316L Stainless Steel. Four pole terminal board for sensor connection. Lid comprised of “Bergan Blue” powder coated stainless steel. Reed switch tube assembly consists of custom measuring tape (for convenience of setting alarm points), Buna-N Parker #018 O-ring, bushing ¼” Heyco SD-375-4, top plug, PVC reed contact tube, reed contact/cable assembly.
  • Optional mounting flanges: DIN ND200-NP10 bolt pattern 23mm bolt holes on 280mm bolt circle; JIS 200A-10kg bolt pattern 23mm bolt holes on 290mm bolt circle
Temperature range
  • -40° to 185°F, (-40° to 85°C) standard extended range to order
  • Alarms at exact point as set for rising float to open reed switch. Alarms points based on tank tables and accurate calculations.
Power Supply
  • N/A
  • 47 lbs (21.32 kg)
Output Signal
  • Normally Closed
Measuring Range
  • Job Specific
  • (+/-) ½” (12.7mm) worst case
Specific Gravity
  • Recommended for fluids with SG of .60 or better
Operating Pressure
  • Float- max. 250 psi
Operating Temperature
  • High temperature version available
  • Standard version: -13° to +194°F (-25° to +90°C)
Contact Rating
  • Reed switch- 250V, 1.3A
Measuring Range
  • Job Specific
  • 304 Stainless Steel

General Arrangement

Bergan Twin-2A

Bergan Twin-2A

System Details

Type Approved
Level Alarms
  • Tank Barges
  • Ocean Tank Barges
  • Tank Ships
  • Offshore Vessels


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