We have a unique vessel. Can you design a gauging system for it?
  1. Yes, usually with a detailed specification for expected performance functions of the vessel, Bergan engineers can design a system to accomplish your requirements.

Can you interface your gauging system to our Vessel Management System?
  1. Yes, we would prefer for the entire system to be engineered, manufactured, and commissioned by Bergan. However, we understand there are instances where a non-performing gauging system has compromised the vessel's integrity. In these cases, we will design gauging sensors to interface with the current VMS as a retrofit.
With the technology advancements for wireless communication, is it possible to view cargo conditions remotely?
  1. Yes, this can be done wirelessly.
Can you ensure our batteries on our powerless barges maintain power through solar energy?
  1. Yes, we are the experts! Solar power has come a long way since its inception. The issues with it are how to manage and clean the power so the batteries or receiver of this power is functioning. We currently have over 400 solar systems throughout the world.
Can your alarms be ordered with the 95% AND 98% alarm points set by your facility?
  1. Yes, absolutely! In most cases, we would prefer to factory set the alarm points. This eases installation and the owners can depend on the accuracy. Bergan can also use this data on future builds or inquiries as to where these points are set. For liability reasons, the owner must provide the alarm points for us to set them.
We have three-point Bergan temperature sensors in our barges. Recently we changed product and had to short load leaving the top sensor out of the cargo. Is there a way we can turn this off?
  1. Yes, you can open the Portable Temperature Display unit used for reading your temperature sensors and switch T1 to the off position. Remember that when you go back to your normal cargo load heights you need to switch T1 back on.