Guard Level® 07324 MDS

Magnetically Coupled Dipstick

Magnetically Coupled Dipstick (Rising Gauge Stick)

Guard Level® 07324 MDS Magnetically Coupled Dipstick (Rising Gauge Stick)

Features & Benefits:

Provides ready reference for cargo top offs. The tri-colored stick couples with a magnetic float and rises out of the tank as cargo reaches 1 meter from the tank top.

This unit indicates to the tankerman that a load is almost full. The stick is GREEN (load at the top one meter) then YELLOW (warning to prepare and stop load), then RED (stop loading cargo) when nearing overfill conditions. The rising gauge stick is a safe loading tool.

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Detailed Product Information

Main Specifications

  • 304L flange and/or 316L stainless steel pipe
  • Float unit is 316L
  • Carbon reinforced fiberglass gauge rod
  • 304L stainless for high temperature application
  • Standard 59” (1501mm) overall, 52.40” (1331mm) from bottom of flange standard
  • 8” (203.2mm) ANSI class 150 is standard flange
  • Options: custom length and flange
  • 36 lbs (16.5 kg) with 8” (203.2mm) ANSI class 150 flange pattern
Specific Gravity
  • Down to S.G. = 0.6 standard
Operating Temperature
  • -40° to +185°F (-40° to +85°C) standard
  • Extended range to order

System Details

Level Gauging
  • Tank Barges
  • Ocean Tank Barges


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