Bergan Level Gauging for Land Tanks

Bergan Gauging for Land Tanks

Why choose Bergan for your tank needs:

  • 1" SCH40 stainless steel sensor tube can be fitted with a customer specific NPT coupling or flange for ease of mounting
  • 316L stainless steel float, tested to 500 PSI
  • Durable fiberglass dipstick with highly reflective color coding and easy to read calibration tape
  • Over 14,000 units in service
  • Option: Customer specific lengths from 2 feet - 10 feet
  • Option: High temperature applications

  • Digital Float Gauge - Full Depth Gauging
  • All-in-one gauging sensor, temperature sensor, and level alarm in a single tank penetration
  • 1" SCH40 stainless steel sensor tube with a standard 4" NPT coupling to conform to API 12F standard
  • Full depth gauging up to 40 feet using an adjustable slip coupling to allow for tank variation
  • All stainless steel construction
  • NEMA 4 IP67 integral junction box
  • 316L stainless steel float
  • Fully digital construction with ¼" resolution
  • Permanent linearity with no degradation or recalibration needed
  • Certified Intrinsically Safe
  • Independent HL/Overfill alarm
  • OPTION: ¾" SCH10 sensor tube
  • OPTION: Customer specified NPT coupling or flange
  • OPTION: Explosion proof
  • OPTION: Pump start/stop control circuit
Bergan Land Tank Control System Installation

Bergan Land Tank Gauging for Facking Mini Tanks

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System Details

Level Gauging
  • Drill Fluid
  • Salt Water
  • Crude Oil

Bergan Gauging System for Land Based Tanks

Land Tank MDS – Magnetic Dipstick - Rising Gauge Stick

The Land Tank MDS – Magnetic Dipstick provides manual tank gauging for both portable and stationary land tanks of all types up to 10 feet deep.

This highly reliable gauging system utilizes stainless steel construction and does not require external power, making it the ideal system for the portable frac tank, rental market.

The stainless steel float incorporates a powerful magnet that extends the dipstick upward as the tank level rises – simple and reliable.

When discharging cargo the function is reversed, showing the level, or closing the alarm switches.

Land Tank MDS – Digital Float Gauge

The Land Tank DFG - Digital Float Gauge provides highly accurate digital tank gauging for land based tank depths up to 40 feet. The system utilizes a powerful magnet encased in a stainless steel float that never requires calibration and allows no sensor drift.

This product can serve as a stand-alone device for stationary single tank applications or can be utilized in a multiple tank battery with the ability to provide data to a common control device or transmitted to a remote location. The 4” NPT coupling and cylindrical float allow for tank insertion in a partially filled tank. Excellent device for the API-12F, 400 barrel vertical storage tank.

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