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Bergan Hinged Sight Glass Gas Free

Hinged sight glass, environmentally safe, allows gas freeing without opening hatch

Bergan DWSG-GF
HL/OF Alarm Temp. Rising Gauge Stick

Innovative and reliable three functions in a single penetration that is easily tailored to your vessel

Guard Level® TriStick
H/OF Alarm Rising Gauge Stick

Industry leader with three applications in one penetration, providing not only a clean barge but tremendous cost savings

Guard Level® TwinStick
 Cargo Radar Level Gauge

Gauge of choice for multiple cargos, can measure any cargo without modification

Guard Level® Cargo Radar

Instant power keeps your systems running when power fails

Guard Level® UPS

Only valve position indicator on the market today that can be viewed at any position on the barge

Guard Level® VCU ·
Vessel Cargo Management Unit

High-tech Master Control Unit allows monitoring of three completely independent systems on one monitor

Guard Level® MCU
Barge Temperature Sensor

Extremely accurate +/-1°, easy installation, no calibration required when using our temperature sensor

Guard Level® BCTU
Explosion Proof Alarm Cabinet

New Technology
One of a kind, must have explosion proof deck display

Guard Level® MTDE
Bergan Digital Flow Gauge

Economical and reliable, continous level measurement technology for all tank/cargo types

Guard Level® DFG
Simple Deck Alarm Cabinet

Easy to use, self testing, solar powered alarm indication panel

Horns and Strobes

Loud and bright indicators let crews know of serious conditions, when every second counts

Guard Level®

Our Systems

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The world's most reliable and maintenance-free system on the market today

DFG · Cargo Radar
Grey UI Kit

High quality, dependable alarm system, when accuracy is essential

Twin 2A · MKII

State of the art system to control fuel inventory, to keep your fleet operating profitably.

 Temperature and Pressure

Highly accurate, easily serviced and effortlessly installed, integrated system

STS-200 · HPT-3