Bergan Fuel Management System

With optional Custody Accuracy Tank Strapping Tables

Bergan FMS General Arrangement Drawing
Fuel management System Components
Custody Accuracy Tank Strapping Table
Fuel Management Digital Level Indicator
Fueal Management System Iridium - Remote Data Satellite
Fuel Management System Software - Client Main Console Menu
Fuel Management System Software - Client Vessel Tank Levels Menu
Fuel Management System Software - Client Vessel Trip Log Menu
Fuel Management System Software - Client Vessel Fueling Interface Menu

Guard Level® Fuel Management System

The Fuel Management System (FMS) captures and reports a variety of vessel data specifically related to fuel use and efficiency. Typically all data points are retained on the Master Embedded Computor (located in the gauging cabinet) for 30 days with the exception of Daily Fuel Consumption and Daily Distance Traveled.

These two values are kept indefinitely to provide historic vessel consumption/efficiency reporting. The time-stamped, raw data values are captured by the FMS at varying intervals.

By utilizing the FMS Netbook, the system provides several methods for the crew to view and visualize consumption/efficiency data with a real-time means of monitoring the current voyage, bunkering operations or fuel tank levels. Next, the FMS presents the Fuel Usage History display which enables the crew to review the vessel’s fuel consumption and efficiency for a specified period of time.

Lastly, the FMS provides the Daily Vessel Report which summarizes vessel performance and activities for a 24 hour period. This report is scheduled to be captured at a set time of day, specified by the customer.

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Custody Accuracy Tank Strapping Tables

The Custody Accuracy Tank Strapping table generator accurately measures volume through a flow meter fill method into the tank. The fill method accounts for all tank variations and provides the most accurate volume tables. The Custody Accuracy Tank Strapping Tables relies on computer generated tank tables within ¼” accuracy.

Level values generated from the installed DFG/DLI sensors are incremented at ¼” levels. Corresponding volume value generated from Bergan supplied Coriolis 2” flow meter (0.1% accuracy) and HART interface.

  • • Built in computer generated tank tables (¼” increment) with digital accuracy
  • • Level values generated from the installed DFG/DLI sensors are incremented at ¼” levels
  • • Corresponding volume values generated from Bergan supplied portable Coriolis 2” flow meter (0.1% accuracy) and HART interface
  • • Volume generated fully compensates for internal structures and tank shapes
  • • Top and bottom outside DFG/DLI measurement range not measured, but volume will be measured up to the 1st measurement point and from the last measurement point until full
  • • Owner to provide water or fuel for actual filling process
  • • Vessel/tank to be on even keel during calibration process
  • • Hard copies and Excel data files provided

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System Information

Pilot House Display

Computer Dell portable, wireless/wired ethernet for pilothouse PC communication
GPS Built-in or interface to vessel GPS, NEMA Port
Operating Software MS Embedded, restricted access
FMS Software Custom runtime application with password protection
Power Supply 110-240VAC, 50-60Hz

Master Control Unit

Computer Industrial embedded fan-less PC. Solid state memory, (no hard-drive) door mounted USB port
I/O Bergan proprietary digital interface. Max. 32 DFG Sensors. MODBUS & NEMA
Intrinsic Safety All DFG sensor protected by Intrinsic Safety barriers
Enclosure NEMA 4 steel enclosure with hinged door
Size H x W x D 24" x 20" x 10" (610 mm x 508mm x 254mm)
Weight Approx. 63 lbs (28.5 kg)
Power supply 110-240VAC 50-60Hz, 1 OA from ships source (UPS is recommended)

DFG sensor and local display

Power supply Loop powered, through Bergan approved I.S. barrier
Power consumption Nominal 25mA
Output signal Current modulated serial pulse signal, 2-core cable including power supply
Maximum Tank Depth 64ft (20m)
Measurement accuracy 1/4" (+/-6.35mm) absolute (no drift and never a need for calibration)
Process temperature -4° to 140°F (-20 to +60°C) typical, extension to 212°F (100°C) possible
Fuel Type Jet, diesel, MOO, L.O., CYL Oil, HFO storage
Tank Volume Accuracy Limited by tank table accuracy
Alarms Standard HL and LL for each tank measured (user adjustable)
DFG flange connections ANSI 6" (152.4mm) standard (optional DIN/JIS or custom rectangular)
Electrical Safety Intrinsically Safe Class I, Div 1 Groups C&D -4° to 140°F (-20 to 60 deg°C)
Display LCD, reflective with LED front lighting. 2 lines by 20 characters, sunlight viewable through tempered glass lens

Bergan Fuel Management System Components

Fuel Management Digital Level Indicator in use

System Details

Level Gauging
  • Tug Boats
  • Tank Ships
  • Offshore Vessels


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