Guard Level® Electro-Pneumatic Gauging System

Bergan Guard Level® Bubbler System

The bubbler system uses a high pressure air source to purge liquid from tubing.

  • High quality MEMS transducers, control electronics, air valves, and air manifolds used to make measurements
  • Data available through 4-wire RS-422, which allows integration into the rest of a Bergan gauging system
  • Data update rates are once every 20 seconds per tank (this is determined by how zones are configured and may be faster)
  • Variation of Liquid Non-Return valve flange configuration available
  • Low Maintenance
  • Automatic operation
Bergan Blue Electro Pneumatic Control Panel
Bergan EPC Valve 2
Bergan EPC Valve 3
Bergan Control Panel Inside

System Details

Level Gauging
  • Ocean Tank Barges
  • Tank Ships
  • Offshore Vessels

Bergan Guard Level® Bubbler System

Electro-pneumatic Systems

Electro-pneumatic (EP) systems are typically for liquid level gauging. What separates EP from a regular pressure measurement is that an air column is used to isolate the pressure sensor from the liquid being measured. Tubing is run from a system of valves and manifolds into the liquid that is being measured. The valves are electrically controlled.

A purge gas is used to clear the tubing of any liquid. When the pressure in the tubing forces out all the liquid and the pressure is allowed to settle, it is possible to derive the level from the pressure in the tubing. The advantage of this setup is the sensor is not exposed to harsh conditions inside a tank, so only tubing is inside the tank.

The bubbler system uses a high pressure air source to purge liquid from tubing. A low source of air is used to keep tubing pressure equal to pressure at bottom of tank. Level is computed by hydrostatic pressure measured in the tube and converted to level readings.

This system ensures the sensitive electronic sensors are not in contact with the product. Maintenance can be performed without having to put a device in the tank.

Sensors can be safely isolated in a control cabinet from temperature effects, pH, physical abuse, etc.