Guard Level® DFG-250

Digital Float Gauge Sensor

Bergan DFG-250

Guard® DFG-250 - Digital Float “All in One” Level, Temperature, Pressure Gauge

Features & Benefits: The Digital Float Gauge can provide level, pressure, temperature, and alarms in a single 10” (250mm) penetration.

The local display on top of the unit is lighted and continuously scrolls through temperature and level (feet and inches or meters).

The unit is completely serviceable from the exterior of the unit and tanks. This feature prevents any exposure of cargo to the atmosphere.

The DFG is capable of measuring cargo tanks at a maximum of 20m (66ft). The DFG boasts a 5mm (1/4") level accuracy.

Display: Level (feet and inches) and temperature of cargo at three points is displayed on a SCU and the tank top. Data is sent to electronic enclosure and pressure, level, volume and temperature is displayed on either CMS+ software up to 19” touch screen in tankerman's shack and/or several explosion proof multi tank displays (MTDEs) located anywhere on deck.

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Detailed Product Information

Main Specifications

Sensor Type Intrinsically safe level measurement device that uses magnetically activated reed switches with optional 3 digital temperature outputs and pressure sensor values.
Weight Weight is job specific and determined by tank depth
Accuracy 1/4" (5mm) resolution
Excitation 25mA
Material 10” (250mm) ANSI flange 150lb/300lb (68kg/136kg), AISI 316LSS housing, 2" (50.8mm) ullage pipe, SCU display housing powder coated 316SS Plexiglass window. Sensor pipe 1” (25.4mm) SCH 40 316SS, 5” (127mm) 316LSS float pressure rated to 500PSI. Teflon bumper stops for float. Alarms H/OF alarm pipe 1" (25.4mm) SCH40 316SS, NC reed switches, single cylindrical float rated to 500PSI. Bottom bracket has 2 options, both requiring shipyard weld to bottom. 8 ½" (215.9mm) long 1.75" (44.45mm) wide bottom weld plate installed by shipyard couples to Bergan supplied matching bottom bracket. Second option is a 2” (50.8mm) SCH40 pipe for bottom insertion of DFG.
Temperature Range SCU and Level Segments display -4°F to +158°F (-20°C to +70°C)
Output Signal Custom Bergan Digital Communication

General Arrangement

Bergan DFG-250 Level Monitoring System General Arrangement

Bergan DFG-250 Level Monitoring System Installed

Bergan DFG-250 Level Monitoring System Installed

Bergan DFG-250 Level Monitoring System Installed

System Details

  • INTERTEK, Report #3072920-H01
  • Zener Barrier PN# A11064A
  • J20021371-002
  • PN# A11084B
  • 100482748DAL-003
  • ETL
Level Gauging
  • Tank Barges
  • Ocean Tank Barges
  • Tank Ships
  • Offshore Vessels


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