Guard Level® DAC

Solar Powered Deck Alarm Cabinet

Guard Level® DAC - Solar Powered Deck Alarm Cabinet

Guard Level® DAC-plus Solar powered (Deck Alarm Cabinet PLUS)

Features and Benefits:

The Deck Alarm Cabinet Plus (DAC+) is a solar-powered alarm indication panel with optional logic. The DAC+ is manufactured for standard up to (12) individual tanks, option for more tanks.

Single/double (various) watt solar panel(s) provide charging to the three different size battery sources, either 18, 35, or 55 Ah depending on the data required to be displayed.

System has redundant battery sources. It operates from one battery bank source at a time and in case of power-fail it switches automatically to second battery source as needed.

System has power fail alarm and interior humidity sensor display to extend the life of the electronics. Cabinet vented for safety reasons.

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Detailed Product Information

Main Specifications

Power Input 110 VAC/220 VAC/24 VDC
Dimensions 20"W x 25"H x 11.5"D
Weight 70 lbs (31.75 kg)

General Arrangement

DAC Solar


DAC Solar

System Details

Level/Alarm Control Cabinet
  • Tank Barges
  • Ocean Tank Barges
  • Tank Ships
  • Offshore Vessels


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