Guard CargoRadar®

Microwave Level Gauge

Cargo Radar 200

Guard® CargoRadar, Microwave Level Gauge

Features and Benefits:

The Cargo Radar Level Gauge is the gauging of choice for multiple cargos. The radar can accurately measure any cargo without requiring special modifications. With an unobstructed view of tanks, the radar beam reflects off cargo and reports to display the accurate levels in view port.

Signal is unaffected by tank conditions regarding pressure, temperature product density, vapor, etc. The Cargo Radar is the desired application for hazardous, high temperature, and high pressure applications/environments.

Display: Level (feet and inches or meters) locally. The pressure and temperature values along with level (innage/ullage/volume) is displayed in a panel in the Cargo Control room using Bergan CMS+ and/or from one or more MTDEs (Multi Tank Display Explosion-Proof).

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Detailed Product Information

Main Specifications

Sensor Type Cargo Radar Gauge Unit measures the distance to the cargo surface using a continuous radar signal.
Measuring Range 114.8ft (35m)
Accuracy ±0.0787" (2mm)
Excitation 4/20 mA

Cargo Radar housing 7.87" (200mm) ANSI

Aisi 316L stainless steel housing

SCU display housing powder coated “Bergan Blue” 316ss Plexiglass view port

The Radar unit wetted parts are made of 316L, Hastelloy C22, Monell Alloy, stainless steel precision casting 1.4848 or PTFE, PP, PEEK

The process seal is made of FKM, FFKM or graphite

The internal housings are a single or double chamber version in plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum

They are available with protection ratings up to IP 68 (1 bar)

Dimensions The total length is dependent on horn size. Flange is 200mm (8”); height above the flange is 9.05”
Temperature Range -328 to +842°F/-200 to +450°C
Operating Voltage 9.6-36V

Bergan Cargo Radar General Arrangement

Cargo Radar Installed

Cargo Radar Installed

Cargo Radar Installed

System Details

  • ABS certificate 04-HS462108/2-PDA
  • Intertek report, Zener Barrier PN# A11064A, J20021371-002, Zener Barrier PN# A11084B, 100482748DAL-003
  • FM approvals, Cargo Radar 3044145, Puls 66 Radar 3018197
  • DNV, 1-10863/GL, 47 416 – 03 HH/LRS Cert No. 04/6003
  • BV
  • ABS
  • DNV
  • LR
  • GL
Level Gauging
  • Tank Barges
  • Ocean Tank Barges
  • Tank Ships
  • Offshore Vessels


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