Markets/ Serving Vessels since 1975


Convenient local and remote reading of tank levels

Level Gauging
Remote Data

View tank conditions from CCR, tug, or office via wireless communication

Remote Data Acquisition
Cargo Radar

Full depth cargo levels using pulse radar

Radar · Gauging
Minimal Chalkboard

Accurately reads level pressure, tank pressure condition, and ballast

Pressure · Gauging


Textured Counter

Water intrusion alarm/notification and detection

Water Ingress System
Fuel Management System for inland tank barges

Provides constant fuel inventory (bunkering usage, lightering) for vessels

Fuel Management System

Measures tank/space levels accurately using bubbler technology

Level Gauging
Visual System

Static equipment (no power needed) viewport and level gauge tree

Visual System

Several temperature reading options, remote and local display

Temperature Gauging System
Bergan Valve Control System

Shows open, closed, or throttle valve position

Bergan Valve Control System

Inland Tank Barges

Ocean Tank Barges